iBurn 2023

Offline Map and Guide to Burning Man

Yes, we'll be back for 2023!

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Accurate Offline Map

Navigate all 3,600 acres of Playa with confidence.
(Hey Art Boats : That's 4.27 Square Nautical Miles)

Find every Toilet, Ranger Station and Medical area. Just in case.

Psst! We make our own map tiles and we love to share.

Intelligent Event Guide

Know (almost) everything that's happening around you.

Swifly navigate Black Rock City's 2,300 events by date, type and place.

Find walk and bike times to anywhere. Mutant Vehicle Mass Transit Directions coming soon ;)

Mark your favorites and never forget about that Bacon Breakfast.

Free and Open Source

We believe in the power of free and open source software. The full source code to the iOS and Android apps is available on GitHub under the MPL 2.0.

Want to get involved? Feel free to send us a pull request!